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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sheila Marcia

Sheila Marcia Joseph was born in Malang, East Java, 3 September 1989 and is a model player and film sinetron indonesia. Sheila was a presenter with a love of Adi Nugroho, known as the presenter and the AFI pesinetron Ricky Aaron is a former paramour of Chelsea Olivia Wijaya. However, this relationship did not survive long, and they drop out. Then, make love with Sheila Roger Danuarta. After dropping out of Roger, he was court with Jupiter Fortissimo (Josh called Pieter).

Sheila initiated his career as a finalist Girls Sampul 2004.
After that, Sheila is also entering the art world with the role of movie star Ekskul (2006) with Ramon Tungka Joseph (Guest VJ Ramon) and Metha Yunatria. In 2007, Sheila film star 2, the horror movie Indika Entertainment production titled Film Horror and the romantic drama film entitled Tentang Cinta landing Sony Gaokasak director, Sheila In this film contribute to the sound soundtrack titled "Hey."

On Thursday, August,7th 2008, Sheila party drugs are caught in the Golden Sky Pluit apartment 7th floor rooms 8 and 4 other people directly secured in Penjaringan Mapolsek.Sheila declared free from prison on Friday, March 6,2009

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Rizna Nyctagina a.k.a Jenckelin

Rizna Nyctagina OCTG Nycta Gina is an Indonesian artist who was born in Jakarta, 3 November 1984 and worked as a player Soap operas, commercials, and presenter. Gina Nycta an Indonesian artist who has played in several soap operas such as Mama, Married Hanging, Prestige Gede-Gedean, Girls, Crypt. Gina Nycta also starred in several advertising product that is Fres & Natural, Indomie, Sunsilk.
Nycta gina started his career in entertainment with a model of soil water in a teen magazine jakarta. After that he was interested in the acting world, so he became one of the players in several soap operas. His fame after his role became jeng kelin, geeky chick with garish makeup and always makes people upset. Jeng kelin present in the sitcom "Prime Time" which aired TV TRANS.

Since her role as jeng kelin, he flooded the job to fill her show and playing in various soap operas with the title role kelin jeng. Gina Nycta also now have my own show titled "ONLINE" who attended every day monday - friday, hours 13:30 to 14:30, guided with Olga and her in jeng Kelin.

Despite the popularity has he got now, he still dreamed of - dreams will someday become a gynecologist. Hence the birth of a girl jakarta, 3 November 1984 it chose medical school at the University of Trisakti.
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Arumi Bachsin

Arumi Bachsin (born in Jakarta, February 19, 1994, age 16 years) is Indonesian actress and model. He began with the widely recognized role in a soap opera, then he played in the movie Bestfriend? in the year 2008.


Arumi born in Jakarta from Rudy Bachsin partner, an architect and Lilian Maria Pesch. Arumi have Palembang, Bengkulu blood-Germany-Holland.

Arumi who aspires to be a psychologist to have a pretty good achievement during school. When he entered the junior class in junior Tirta Buaran acceleration. But when stepping on the bench in high school, Arumi choose homeschooling program to overcome the solid shooting schedule.
[Edit] Career

Arumi start a career since the age of 12 years beginning from the world of modeling in the year 2006. One photographer said that Arumi is, "One of the most beautiful models I've ever meet,". Year 2007 Arumi never become Cosmo Girl magazine cover edition in February, 2007. He also had a hair beauty product models 'Elith and Miraton'.

Year 2008 Arumi her debut in the acting world through the soap opera "Azizah" and got a small role. Later she also starred in his first film, "Bestfriend?" (2008) in the same and got a major role in the movie "White Grey and sneakers" (2009) in 2009. His name was even more inflated, and he also played in a few titles that make it soap operas new artist of the most shine.

In addition to the acting world wrestle he also began to explore the world by becoming the presenter of music presenters 'HIP HIP hurray' for the first time. He also frequently starred in a number of video clips and commercials.

In 2010 he played in the movie "18" (2010).

On May 10, 2010, reported that Arumi run away from home and report to the National Commission on Children and said she had been exploited by both parents.
[Edit] Ads

* Fujifilm
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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shireen Sungkar

Shireen Sungkar Profile, Beautiful Girls born in Jakarta, 28 January 1992 Second child of three brothers. Shireen Sungkar besides acting he also sings with forming a duo with his brother Zaskia Sungkar named The Sisters.

Shireen Sungkar
See photos of other Indonesian artists.

The second child of the couple Mark Sungkar and Fenny Bauty COVER GIRL also semifinalists in 2006.

Beginning as a supporting actress in soap operas instead of me, now Shireen Sungkar a major role in natural love.

Biography Shireen Sungkar.

Having parents who have first jumped into the acting world gives many advantages to Shireen Sungkar. At least, 15-year-old girl was able to put questions to them about acting. It's known, both parents Sherin, so he addressed, was a famous movie star in the 80s.

This kebab lover tells if the father initially opposed her desire to plunge into the world of entertainment. Mark Sungkar reason is simple. He did not want her daughter's school abandoned. Especially at that time the princess had not yet even 15 years. Gradually his father's heart melt. Veteran actor is finally allowing this Triguna schoolgirl follow in his footsteps in the acting world.

Today, black and white person "was allowed to smile proudly. Because at his young age, his second child of three sons was already able to generate their own money. But even so, he gave one hundred percent of the money management to the beloved mama.

Shireen Sungkar Bios

Name: Shireen Sungkar
Education: High School TRIGUNA JAKARTA
TTL: Jakarta, 28 January 1992
Father Name: Mark Sungkar
Mother Name: Fenny Bauty
Brother: Zaskia Sungkar, Joseph


* Mermaid
* Women abused
* Not Myself
* Wulan
* Legend eps: Javan Kasarung
* Cinta Fitri Season 1-3
* Doo Bee Doo
* Annisa

Model Video Clips:

* Wali - dik
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Yuanita Christiani

Yuanita Christiani was born in Jakarta, 14 April 1986; vocation is Nita is an MC / Presenter, host of TV shows, commercials, and also an actress from Indonesia. He is one of the icons in the show "Weekend Espresso" which aired on TV station ANTV since 2007 until now.

Indonesian artist photos Yuanita christianti


Yuanita Christiani is an alumnus of the elementary and junior Seraphine Bakti Utama Jakarta. Subsequently he continued his studies at Christian High School Sower CPC IV Jakarta, and graduated in 2004. After graduating high school he then went to The London School of Public Relations Public Relations Department, and later he managed to graduate with honors in 2008.


Master of Ceremonies

Long before the success in the world of television, Nita, so call familiar, already active in the MC since 2000, when he became the MC on the show "Grand Opening Cafe & Lounge Flubber." Outside the show, until early 2007, he has also brought events such as birthdays and so forth. But a new beginning in 2007 he used a lot of people as a professional MC at several official events. One is an "TOYOTA, Indonesia International Motor Show - Gaikindo" (2007), "Product Launching the Acer Aspire One" (2008), and many more.


In this field, carrying the new Nita starring two of cinema, namely "D'Trex The Movie" in 2004 as one of the main character, and "Share" in the year 2005 as a supporting actor.


Christiani Yuanita first appeared on TV in 2005 when he became the presenter of the show "alter Abis" in Trans. Besides, he also became co-host the event "Dare Tukeran" on the same TV station. He also briefly appeared on Metro TV screen in the quiz show "December Gift", and in AstroTV in the event "Jakarta Night Out."

He then started to go as a presenter of the show "Double Espresso" in ANTV in the year 2006, and later he became the main presenter of "Espresso" in 2007, until then he became the presenter of "Espresso Weekend" which lasted until today. Outside Espresso he also had the chance to quiz the presenter "AFC Asian Cup 2007" interchangeably with Intan Erlita. In addition to the show "AFC Asian Cup 2007" she has appeared in several other sporting events such as the "Liga Djarum Indonesia 2007" in ANTV, and "GP" (as the presenter of the quiz) starting in 2007 until today.

His success in bringing sporting events in Trans7 and also is a toss ANTV Yuanita name as one of the specialist sports presenter. In addition to MotoGP in 2007, she has appeared on the show "From Zero to Hero", "Pronto, Djarum Super Calcio Quiz", "Hilite Il Grande Del Calcio", "Highlight Automotive", "Live Report Speed Car Series", and " Petronas FIM Asian Grand Prix 2008 ". He also briefly appeared on the show "Java Jazz Festival 2008" in Indosiar and "Karaoke KO" in TVRI. Currently, Nita still remains one of the host MotoGP. He is also currently a presenter of "Highlight and preview the Barclays Premier League" on TVOne.

Star Ads

Christiani Yuanita also hit as a star of the ad. Currently, 19 ads that have been starred by Nita. The main role among other things he found in an advertisement Bank Niaga, Zinc Shampoo, and Cold Fresh Honey. While he got a supporting role in the advertisements, among others, Mie ABC, Pro XL, GT Man, and many more.


Yuanita have a hobby, among others, watching movies, traveling, and listening to music. He also had a hobby of singing. Peer nearby include Widya, Soraya Hylmi, and Lucy Wiryono.

Since 2007, Nita is also one of the icons of Johnny Andrean. Between the years 2007-2008 he became an icon in terms of hair color, while since 2008 till now he had become an icon in color and haircuts.
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Aura Kasih

Full Name: Sanny Aura Syahrani
Nick Name: Aura
Nationality: Indonesian
Occupation: Singer, Actress
Genre: Pop
Years active: 2008 - present
Label: Universal Music Indonesia
Place of date of birth: Bandung, February 26, 1988
Father's Name: Jajad Sugiyatna
Mother's Name: Laela
Last Education: Space Tasikmalaya high school, 2004
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 50 Kg
Hobbies: Eat, Sleep, Sing, Swimming, Badminton, design clothes
Favorite Music: Reggae Music (Baby Charm, Bounty Killer, Lady Saw)


* Angel of Seducer (2008)
* Puncak Asmara (2009)


Asmara Two * Diana (2009)

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